Listen, I don’t have a lot of confidence in how things “go” after 11/3 so

I want to tell you a secret are you ready?
I have a mindless job that allows me to watch whatever I want all day on an extra computer monitor, while I “work” and lately

I’ve been watching this Webcam called the mattercam, which is a camera attached to a hotel in anaheim, pointed at Disneyland, like not even close to the park. It just scans the Disney horizon all day.
It pauses for 10 seconds on each of eight angles on Disneyland. And then cycles through again. Mostly it points at attractions like the matterhorn or the top of space mountain or the incredicoaster or the ferris wheel. They’re just how they always are, but empty and still.
I’m telling you, because these may be what religious texts refer to as “end times,” that I watch this cam for sometimes eight hours a day. And
There is this one angle, which is odd because its just a slice of sidewalk. No attraction, not a view of hazy preapocalyptic anaheim. Just a sidewalk somewhere outside the park and yesterday
Right around lunch time I glanced over at my second monitor and where the empty sidewalk cam already points,

There were these people standing and waving​​​​​​​.
The next time the cam cycled back to this angle, they were gone. Luckily I had taken a picture.

Which proves that they are not ghosts. And that’s important because frankly it startled the shit out of me.

Mary Birnbaum
September, 2020